What a moose, what a moose*

From the box score, I’m disappointed to have missed Game 1 of the Calder Cup Final. Moose go up 3-1, fail on a penalty shot that would have made it 4-1, blow the lead and trail going to the final 4:30, get a five-on-three and score to tie it with 1:16 to go…

…and then Hershey wins on an overtime power play and Alex Giroux’s third of the game.

The game was sold out by the morning. Nice stuff.

An interesting bit from Tim Leone’s early stuff: Giroux has 72 goals now between the regular season and the playoffs. Stephan Lebeau had 71 in 1988-89. On behalf of New Haven: You’re welcome.

A fascinating hockey-card scan over at Admirals Short Shifts.

Wow: Seven hours, three minutes of baseball. Awesome.

And this would have thoroughly blown my mind in college.

*-Frankly, if that reference landed, I’m concerned for your mental well-being.

Michael Fornabaio