He don't hang around with the gang no more

Mike Sillinger retired Wednesday, the injury proving too much. Still quite a career.

Hartford signed Brent Henley, who came to camp here a few years ago and was with Norfolk last year.

The Devils are bringing back the green for a night on St. Patrick’s Day. Sweet.

Stephen Walkom is looking to make a comeback as a referee.

From Sports Pickle: Don’t we wish.

A sad day on the obits; RIP Dominick Dunne, and condolences to a Kennedy family that lost two siblings in 15 days.

And songwriter Ellie Greenwich died Wednesday, too. In addition to better-known songs such as “Be My Baby,” “Leader of the Pack” (title of the 1980s revue based on her life), “Do Wah Diddy”*, “River Deep, Mountain High” and others, she’s also at least partly responsible for such gems as the Shangri-Las’ “Out in the Streets,” “Why Do Lovers Break Each Other’s Hearts” (Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans, with Darlene Love singing lead), Lesley Gore’s “Look of Love,” and a few on which she also sang, like the Butterflys’ “Good Night Baby” and the Raindrops’ “The Kind of Boy You Can’t Forget,” all worth a listen. RIP.

*-BTW, if you’re only familiar with Manfred Mann’s version, track down The Exciters’ original.

Michael Fornabaio