Tennis flashbacks, found in a drawer

Seats quickly, please. Here’s today’s draw sheet…

(Click for the draw sheet cover)

…when “today” is defined as “Aug. 15, 1990.” It’s the first Volvo International to be played here in New Haven.

(Schedule for Aug. 15, 1990)

We’ll be gone for the day long before eventual champion Derrick Rostagno plays, so get your kicks now. (Aw, did I spoil it?) I’m thinking it was Svensson who started walking around and wound up getting me in trouble when I bolted for a seat. Yeah, blame him. That’s it.

(The singles draw)

Wish I had found this two weeks ago. Could have brought it and had Lendl sign it. (Had Crash sign it, I mean. Girl wasn’t even born yet.)

The back cover advertises cars that “start at a very affordable $19,185.” This inflation calculator says that’s about $30,000 in 2007 dollars. As affordability goes, your, um, mileage may vary.

Real, modern tennis news resumes later, possibly in 140 characters or fewer on that Twitter thing (which provided hosting for these scans). We’ll see.

Michael Fornabaio