No goals in 126:40 (81 shots), no even-strength goals in 187:56, but even that was an extra-attacker goal, so no goals with equal skaters in 246:40. Bridgeport’s longest scoreless streak since the lockout is 170:48. For what it’s worth.

Jonathan Bernier was good. Really good. He’s got a shutout streak of his own in the other direction.

Could they get some more traffic? Maybe. Dig out a few more rebounds? Possibly. Win a few more battles? Yeah.

You don’t expect to go scoreless over 80 shots, though.

Trevor Smith noted that they’ve got a three-in-three here; they’re right back at it in 20 hours, and if they score early against the Penguins, maybe this whole drought is in the mirror. They’ve got time to put it behind them in a hurry.

At least, they hope.

Capuano on Hughes: “I thought he did well. Bobby obviously had the injury there in Albany last year; during training camp, he started building momentum. I thought he played well.” He took a penalty-kill shift with Mauldin in the box and got a fairly regular shift as the game went on.

Prescout. The Bears almost came back. Some Penguins haven’t forgotten about the last meeting two weeks ago.

Hamden’s Jon Quick signed a three-year extension with the Kings.

Ryan Vesce is a force in the Show.

Became official Thursday at SHU: Yale’s C.J. Marottolo takes over.

Huge local football game: Central beat Greenwich, 14-13.

They don’t pack them in here like they used to, but attendance: 3,568. Bridgeport had played 11 regular-season games here before, never to a crowd lower than 5,435. (In fact, 10 of Bridgeport’s 11 home crowds against Manchester were lower than that 5,435.) Seven crowds here had been better than 9,000; four were sellouts.

Rant: Back-to-back trips to Lowell and then to here should not be allowed. (Portland, too, while I’m at it.) Nothing against I-495, the world’s longest right* turn, but if it only went through civilization instead of skirting it, at least there’d be something to look at besides trees. Gonna be dark on the way home. I know that’s how the Interstates were supposed to work, not disrupting cities and towns. But, come on, give me a look at a village every few miles or something. (End rant.)

From Bill Walsh’s Blogslot: The Fake AP Stylebook. (Caution: May be too inside.)

And RIP, Soupy Sales. In his honor, please go to your parents’ wallets, take all the little pictures of guys in beards, and mail them to…

*-Or left, since I’m going home now…

Michael Fornabaio