OT: Thoughts from a dark road trip

Nothing to see here…

–There are certain immutable truths. If you leave Manchester’s city limits at midnight, you’re not getting home until 3. It’s that simple.

–The Platters, in time-honored fashion, belted oldies with style and sold records. Did the kids at the time know those songs were, as we would probably say now, remakes? It took me a while to learn some of those songs were 20, 30 years old at the time, but I was 30, 40 years removed from the Platters’ versions, too.

–On the other hand, do the kids today even know the Platters?

–Instant poll: If some “American Idol” kid cut “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes,” could he have a hit with it?

–Had forgotten how much time I spent in Manchester the first few years. Got to know my way around that town (and that barn) pretty well. It all came back quickly yesterday, too. And nice to see the likes of Ken Cail and Kim Mueller again.

–The Beach Boys’ “Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!*)” begins with “The Girl From New York City” before trickling off into a couple of weird songs and so-so covers, rebounding with the brilliantly insipid “Girl Don’t Tell Me”** before veering off into territory, ranging from good to stunning, that points you straight toward “Pet Sounds.”*** But that first song makes me wonder. She went out to L.A. with her best friend. The guys “all got their eyes on that girl from New York City” (emphasis mine). What’s wrong with the friend? She ugly? Dumb? Boring? Does she write brilliant songs with insipid lyrics? Is she (shudder) from Jersey?

–Who designed I-84? Is there a more confusing highway than that stretch between East Hartford and Waterbury? I was afraid to leave the middle lane, worried I’d get stuck in an exit-only lane and wind up in the wilds of, I dunno, Farmington. The Gun Hill Road exit on the New England Thruway is a cute little novelty. The 17 left-exits and -entrances on that stretch of I-84 are just freaky.

–To augment the I-495 rant from last night and steal a song line, one of those towns between Lowell and Marlboro must have a giant Exxon sign that brings the fair city light. Could we see it, please?

–List of saddest songs: 1: “Puff, the Magic Dragon.” 2: “Catch the Wind.” 3: anything else. (It’s the misdirection.)

–Told AT&T I wouldn’t be available Friday afternoon. Yolanda put in a request for a tech visit Saturday afternoon. Tech showed up Friday when I was in, more or less, Lowell. This is my life. Time to try something else.

**-Really, is there a better song with lyrics that annoying?
***-Wondered in the car if you could combine “The Beach Boys Today!” and “SD(aSN!!*)” to create a single, 12-track (even 14), Pet Sounds-precursor album. I don’t think you can. Losing 10-12 cuts is a lot.

Michael Fornabaio