Tuesdays in Shelton

All the dings left the Sound Tigers almost short-handed today. (Not quite. Still had more guys than they usually did in 2002.) Missing were Tyler Haskins, Jesse Joensuu (with a pretty pronounced limp, still), Dustin Kohn and Greg Mauldin, though all were in the building. Too early to know for sure about the weekend. One who was back to full strength: Micheal Haley. Matt Bertani told him he looked really good during the lap-skating that ended practice, staying strong while others started to fade. “Had a lot of practice,” Haley said.

From the comments: Heard nothing about Guenin throwing a stick, let alone hitting someone, but I’ll ask. And when you consider Lawson was in the ECHL a year ago, it’s quite an ongoing rise for him. He has certainly played well, and without the shoulder injury, he probably would have received an NHL look last year. Starter? Who knows. Lots of luck involved there. But a chance to make it? Why not?

Jason Krog got the call.

Botta presents a nice first-person piece from Pat Dapuzzo about the aftermath of his awful on-ice accident.

Michael Fornabaio