'We just couldn't finish'

Lots of questions about shooting more today. They did, a good 10 times more than in the Portland games.

And then, Greg Mauldin said… well, he said what’s in the header.

“Once we … start getting two or three goals a game, we’ll get the confidence, shoot with a purpose,” he said.

Remember two or three goals a game? Three hasn’t been around in a while.

Between all the dustups and the talking and the fight and the Munroe lead-passes to Smith and the top-of-the-nets in overtime and on and on, there was something going at the very beginning. On the first two shifts, Moore’s line and Mauldin’s line were all over Norfolk. They did — and gee, isn’t this the title of the highlight video right now — everything but score.

“I can’t speak for the rest of the guys, but I wasn’t really too happy with the way I played in Portland,” Mauldin said. “I wanted to come out with a lot of energy. We hemmed them in their zone a little bit and had a chance to score right off the bat.

“We’re at home. There’s nothing going on tomorrow. … They’re on their heels for the first couple of shifts. If we score early, we can break their backs, get the crowd into it.”

This being one of the Sound Tigers’ most remarkable offensive stretches in nine seasons, they didn’t.


So ends a 3-7-1-4 January. Those ties are at least keeping them afloat; they’re even in points with a most-banged-up Hartford team, five points ahead of East-Division-fourth-place Adirondack. Seventh-place Providence is only three back now, though.

Only four teams have more wins (of any type) than losses (of any type) against Bridgeport at Harbor Yard: Norfolk (14-13-0: the Admirals have another win at Nassau Coliseum), Providence (8-7-1), Houston (2-1-0) and Manitoba (2-0-0).

May have something tomorrow, depending on how the math turns out tonight. And remember the chat Tuesday afternoon.

And always remember: what might be right for you may not be right for some.

Michael Fornabaio