Commercial break

No endorsement is implied. In fact, we’ll obscure the company reference just on principle. It’s just that Trevor Smith will be an unrestricted free agent, and just in case, we’ve got to preserve this while we can.


(Trevor Smith skates to the bench after a shift; finds four urchins enjoying water ice. Smith breathes heavily and swigs from the water bottle.)

URCHIN 1: Why do you keep drinking water?

(Smith is not recovering. Fire the imaginary strength and conditioning coach.)

URCHIN 2 (accusing): Why do you keep drinking water?!?!

(Still breathing heavily. Nothing is working.)


SMITH: Hey, whaddaya guys got there?

URCHINS (ad lib): [company name and product]

SMITH: Oh, can I try some?


(Smith tries some water ice.)

SMITH: Ah. Oh, yeah. That’s it. All right. Let’s go.

(Smith leaves the urchins at the bench. Jack Capuano walks over and praises them for never quitting. (Not really, but that’d be so cool.))

PHIL GIUBILEO (vo, fade in): MacDonald a drive, bounce in front, Colliton turns and shoots…

(The puck miraculously enters an empty net)

PHIL GIUBILEO (vo): Rebound in front, SCORE! Trevor Smith!

(Cut to Smith, on the ice, enjoying another frozen treat.)

SMITH: [Company name]

(Smith skates up, stops and sprays the camera, getting an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty from Nygel Pelletier.)

SMITH (vo): [Company tagline]

Michael Fornabaio