It only ends once

The Czech Republic withstood a late extra-attacker goal and defeated Russia 2-1 in the gold-medal game at the World Championship. Sweden took bronze over the game host Germans. A few locals made the list of top players from each team, an interesting little conceit of an award. Dangerously close to “trophies for all,” no? Anyway, that bookmark can come off my computer, and just in time, because the darn thing crashed again. Might be time to replace, finally.

Windsor, perhaps unsatisfied with the 9-3 pasting the Spitfires put on Brandon in the round robin, took the Memorial Cup with a 9-1 win Sunday. Yes, but five players failed to earn a point. Travis Hamonic: minus-4. That’s not likely to happen again.

The AHL gets back to work Monday in Hamilton.

Will miss Lost. A satisfying-enough ending. Won’t tell you where I almost bawled.

RIP, Michel Mongeau.

And finally, in 2006, the Mets, as good as they were, needed fill-in pitchers more often than you might expect. Two who weren’t as effective as they’d hoped: Jose Lima and Geremi Gonzalez, though not for lack of effort. Impossible to comprehend that, only four years later, they’re both dead. RIP, Lima Time.

Michael Fornabaio