Not for all the tea in… never mind

So the Islanders cancelled their training-camp trip to China, Newsday reported. (Newsday appears to have closed its back-door blog loophole, so subscription really required now.) The he-said-he-said, as detailed by Chris Botta, is almost funny. We have always said Shelton would be a pretty nice camp site. Hey.

Aaron Gagnon’s goal for Texas at 18:32 of overtime forced a Game 7 in the Western Conference Final, Wednesday night. Hamilton led twice but couldn’t hold it.

I see Greg Wyshinski beat me to this, but liked this from Johnny Galecki in an AV Club interview: “Comedy is similar to hockey… in only one way. [Laughs.] You get a lot of credit for assists. So I try to serve whatever the intention is, be it the joke or the story or the scene or the moment or the kiss, even if it’s not my joke or moment. ”

As tweeted by our Amanda Cuda: The Lost finale, as reviewed by someone who’d never watched the show. Before the finale, the L.A. Times ranked every episode. And if you didn’t stay up for Jimmy Kimmel’s cast extravaganza last night, here are the three alternate endings that Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse provided.

And RIP, Doug McMurdy.

Michael Fornabaio