Travis something

Travis Hamonic is in the fold, signing his three-year contract. (We’ll note that Newsday had it up first.) There is crazy buzz, both from sources we’ve chatted with and media we all probably read, about Hamonic’s starting his career in the Show. So we’ll worry about him if we see him.

The Boys on the Bus, MSG, Saturday, 10. Have heard about, never seen.

ESPN Chicago catches up with Jon Fratelli, if you’re not sick of his song yet.

Oh, I laughed.

This one, too.

Went to Tim Hortons after softball. Was two towns away before I found out they’d somehow given me tea.

Living next to a Little League field, just want to spread a little gospel to PA announcers everywhere: You don’t need to say “now batting” before every hitter. Give us a little “No. 22, John Doe.” Mix in a little “John Doe, No. 22” second time around. I know positions are fluid in LL ball, or we’d suggest you slip them in there once in a while. Thank you.

(This one was over more of the place than usual. Odd.)

Michael Fornabaio