Yaremchuk 1 (Fraser, Presley), 8:25

In the first game of the Stanley Cup Final, 6-5? What year is this? (I think DGB tweeted this at 5-4 late second, then this at 5-5. All this following a perfect retweet with comment a few minutes earlier. (But you’re following him, right? Good.)

Ah, Roy Halladay, him with the 20th MLB perfect game. Mixed emotions. A perfecto is a perfecto. Nothing but respect for Halladay. But that uniform… Anyway.

(I probably overthought that header. Oh well.)

The AHL playoffs resume some time next month.

Entertainment Weekly chats with Cup-keeper Mike Bolt about the Grail’s run-ins with the celebrity world.

Still more Lost fun.

The “Somewhere That’s Green” dream sequence was on the Ch. 11 Family Guy rerun just now. Laugh every time. So wrong, but so funny. And been too long since I’ve seen the original.

And RIP, Dennis Hopper.

Michael Fornabaio