Are we there yet?

We’re getting there. Only two weeks until a bunch of kids will be on the ice on the Island.

While we look forward, the team looks back with the first installment of its 10-year team. We’ll be doing something like that later on (maybe even throughout the year), though because it’s This Space it’ll be a little crazier.

As Ray noted, Dustin Friesen re-upped with Idaho.

Denis Hamel just wants a tryout, Lindsay Kramer reports.

Guy Deutscher’s last book, The Unfolding of Language, blew my mind (in a very good way, and probably the last book to do so). He has a new book coming out, whose subject gets a preview in this article. Looking forward to reading it.

We got to see Kermit the Frog earlier this month at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. Now we find that an even older version of Kermit, part of Jim Henson’s “Sam and Friends,” has been given to the museum and will go on display in November. Outstanding. (Looking at that blog, there’s more on that Apollo Theater exhibit I mentioned in the travelogue. Very neat exhibit.)

And Earl might be tacking a little eastward, but let’s get Fiona to tack farther that way, too, huh? (Sorry, Bermuda.)

Michael Fornabaio