One Day Done

“It went according to plan,” Pat Bingham said at the end. “No casualties.”

A good first-day skate, a bit more than an hour and a half. Lots of drills on the rush, two-on-ohs, two-on-ones, two-on-a-coach-sorta-in-the-way.

“We’re trying to establish a work ethic,” Bingham said. “Skating, so they can get the legs under them, and tempo.” There was a bit today, and maybe more in the next few days, of systems, “a style of play. We’ll sprinkle a bit of that in so we look like a team on Friday.”

Always tough to get a good read on guys when you’ve no idea who’s who. Here’s how it turned out they had lined up:

White: Svendsen-Taylor-Dickson
Orange: Fulton-McMillin-Asselin
Blue: McGuirk-Leisenring-Bourbeau
Grey: Kharin/Sellitto


Gelinas and Nie were in the nets.

(Full names and brief sketches here.)

Mark Wotton is expected in the next day or two. With the surplus on defense, someone might skate up front.

Jed Ortmeyer, the former Ranger (among others), is with the Isles on a tryout. Always loved his energy. Kirill Kabanov was sent to Moncton. Chris Botta has several notes.

Mark Flood is on Manitoba’s training-camp roster; not sure if it’s a contract or a PTO. Jason Pitton is there, as well. Kip Brennan is on San Antonio’s training-camp roster.

Wade Redden among those to Hartford.

Haven’t read these yet, but with a headline like “Cosmic Accidents: 10 Lucky Breaks for Humanity“? That sounds up my alley. Elsewhere on the site: cool.

And RIP, Bob Shaw.

Michael Fornabaio