They got a system: Day 3

The Big Club finally gets it going tonight in two different time zones; one split squad has Calgary in Sarasota, and the B-squad goes to Fort Lauderdale. Or maybe I’ve misheard.

The Sound Tigers, they’re getting ready for games, too, which finally begin Friday. The faces are starting to come into focus, although they changed jersey colors today (same lines, different shirts), which didn’t help. Makes it tough to evaluate. But the games will probably mean much more than practices, anyway.

Lots of systems today. Neutral-zone forechecks. Faceoff plays and breakouts, after wins and losses.

“I feel like we’re making progress,” Pat Bingham said. “Come Friday, we’ll have a foundation.” The goal is that they’ll have enough background in the system by Friday that they can go out and play, as much as possible, and show what they can do.

Michael Nylander is going to Rochester.

New beat writer in Binghamton, Joy Lindsay: Blog / Twitter.

Michael Fornabaio