Belated notes

Nothing really new today. Same 21, including Kohn, and three as yesterday. Plus, school being out, a few youngsters (on ATOs, no doubt). A short practice, with a lot of games this week.

Pat Bingham was very happy with last night’s game. Several levels: The comeback, the belief that they can win every night and aren’t dead when they’re down a couple of goals. Little things, like the forecheck and the backcheck and tracking defensively and shot-blocking and faceoffs. (Asked him about that first period, with just the five shots and four from two players, and he was about as animated as he’s been in a month, talking about all the things the other guys did in that first period that don’t show up on a play-by-play.) Koskinen, not least because, he said, the first goal changed direction a couple of times, and the second goal, on which Bridgeport was a step behind all over the ice, might have changed direction off a defenseman’s stick as well. The penalty kill down the stretch.

Mike Sellitto, the Florida kid who was here in camp, is now with the Danbury Whalers. Which I’m guessing is why his name popped up on Bridgeport’s transactions today, though I’ve got a line in to check.

Michael Fornabaio