From belated to late-night

Prescout. Worcester blew a 2-0, first-period lead but won in the bonus round. Condolences to Roy Sommer, whose father died right before Christmas, Eric Lindquist said on the broadcast. Sommer was expected back for the BST home-and-home.

Speaking of bonus rounds, nice job by the Islanders, huh?

As reported by the Whale, a big walkup in Hartford for yet another win.

Pascal Morency returns to the AHL: and he’s on for the game-winning goal. Oh well. Speaking of Morency and Hartford, a glitch somewhere put photos from last Dec. 26 on Sunday’s gamer online, and guess who pops up first?

Should really be asleep. Hoping to find out in the morning (a few hours away) if anybody’s getting called up to go on the trip. Until later.

Michael Fornabaio