Trivia 2010: The Answers

OK, so let’s finish this off. Hope you guys were playing along at home; glad Andy had a good run at most of these.

Here’s the original post.

The answers to the questions in the paper were, of course, the Lowell Devils, and Howard Saffan/Kimber Auer…. no, Hershey and Capuano/Bingham, as you probably knew if you’re hanging out here.

Other answers:

(1) “1-4-2–7” were shots by period in Game 5 at Hershey, a franchise-low total and an unbelievable evening.

(2) Bridgeport lost nine consecutive home playoff games: the last two in 2004, all three in 2006 and 2009 (including two at Nassau Coliseum), and Game 3 against Hershey.

(3) That’s true, six shootout losses. They lost five in 2006, 2008 and 2009.

(4) The only referee who has worked a Sound Tigers game in all 10 seasons — and I thought you could make an educated guess on this, with how few have been around for even close to all 10 years — is Jeff Smith. (Terry Koharski only missed 2001-02.)

(5) In goal for two of the first three games of 2010: Rick DiPietro.

(6) Bridgeport had six goals against Manchester in Game 17.
(6a) Marty Biron was Bridgeport’s goalie.

(7) Coming into this season, who had been the only player to score a goal in his only regular-season game as a Sound Tiger? Dylan Reese. (Thus, all the qualifiers.)

(8) The last Sound Tiger to wear 4 before Mark Wotton was, in his ATO stint at the end of 2005-06, Dustin Kohn.

(9) The number under 30 that hasn’t been worn in Bridgeport since 2007-08 is 28.

(10) Those first two men to play here on an NHL contract, go away and come back on a PTO: Mike Souza (2002-03 from Chicago on an NHL deal, back the next year on a PTO) and Ben Guite (2001-02, then 2003-04).

(11) The man with the most power-play points during that nine-game PPG streak in 2003-04? Jeff Hamilton, 7-1-8. In fact, if you didn’t say Jeff Hamilton and you didn’t think it was a trick question, dock yourself a point.

(12) Dumb stat leaders:
(a) Assists per game with more than 12 games: Robert Nilsson, 0.68 (54-for-74).
(b) No. 2 in goals per game among all: Jon Sim, 0.77 (20-for-26).
(c) Goals per game with more than 50 games played: Vancouver Canucks sniper Jeff Tambellini, 0.63 (71-for-113).

(13) Bridgeport was unbeaten against two franchises in 2010: Syracuse (3-0) and Lowell/Albany (3-0: 2-0 in Lowell, 1-0 in Albany).

(14) Jesse Joensuu (13-29-42) led Bridgeport in scoring in 2010. Greg Mauldin is second at 14-21-35, but Rhett Rakhshani (10-23-33) gave it a run.

(15) (a) Hershey’s second goal: Francois Bouchard
(b) The initial shot: Alex Giroux
(c) The alleged high-sticker: Mathieu Perreault
(d) Referee: Nygel Pelletier
(e) Almost split the defense (earning a power play): Jesse Joensuu
(f) Winning goal: Andrew Joudrey

Hope you had some fun.

Michael Fornabaio