Koskinen gets a rest

Edit: The Odessa American reported tonight that Jean Bourbeau is going down to the Jackalopes for the all-star break.

(I am prepared to surrender. I have prepared a white flag for the occasion. Winter, you win. Now leave us alone.)

Practice had an hour delay, and then after that came several meetings between coaches and players. When we got to poke our head in, Pat Bingham said that Mikko Koskinen is going to sit out the weekend to rest the (yet undisclosed) injury that has nagged him for a little while here.

“It’s the only way that’ll cure what he’s got,” Bingham said. “He needs a little R+R. … We’ve got the weekend, and then we’ve got the break. It’s not a long-term thing.”

Leni DiCostanzo took over the net opposite Joel Martin, but it doesn’t look as if he’ll have to during the weekend: At about 1:15, Dylan Reese and Kevin Poulin walked through the door to the welcomes of their old mates. They’re here to play, Bingham confirmed, if the fact that they had all their gear and sticks wasn’t confirmation enough.

Wes O’Neill did practice, as did all those who played Tuesday or were healthy scratches.

(One funny-for-me moment to see: Reese came in and introduced himself to one of the new guys: Jason Pitton. Reese has been around for almost a year; Pitton was here for the better part of three. But they’d never been in the same room.)

They were changing over some of the signage inside the arena after practice. New signs with the sponsor’s name; new signs with Sound Tigers and Fairfield Stags logos.

Edit: Moments after I hit publish came a press release: San Jose sent Jamie McGinn and Benn Ferriero to Worcester.

Word late this afternoon that Matt Moulson agreed to terms to stick around for another three years.

In Glens Falls, Phlex is gone. New mascot: Dax.

As seen on Uni Watch, it’s 15 years ago today that the Kings unleashed this on an innocent world. Fascinating story.

Language Log, Geoffrey K. Pullum in particular, takes on the passive. Good stuff.

And RIP, Gladys Horton.

Michael Fornabaio