Sound Tigers open Oct. 8 vs. Portland

Here’s the team’s press release with the full list, and here’s the league’s.

First blush: January/February is lighter than ever. A combined 21 games, as opposed to 13 in December alone, 14 in March alone. Edit: But eight of the 10 February games are home games.

Those two Hershey trips are going to be fun. To end a three-in-three (at Worcester matinee, at Springfield, at Hershey) on Veterans Day weekend, then in between trips to Hartford and Providence in December. Heh.

Sound Tigers make their trip to St. John’s in October. The Caps come in Nov. 6, a Sunday, and Jan. 25, a Wednesday night.

Home-and-home with the Penguins to finish up.

Sundays are all 3 p.m. starts. Two morning games for the second year in a row, Nov. 2 (Hartford!) and April 4 (Springfield again). Home 1 p.m. starts on Jan. 2 and Feb. 20.

Two Saturdays off in March, though I suspect the second will be an NCAA night around here. (So, yes, they’ll try the quick turnaround again.)

You know what really should have jumped out, first blush? Take out the two morning games. Take out those holiday/holidayish matinees. And take out the night after Christmas. Oh, what the heck: INCLUDE the night after Christmas, and Bridgeport still only plays three midweek home night games. Dec. 7 vs. Worcester, Dec. 26 vs. Hartford and Jan. 25 against St. John’s. They wanted better dates. It looks as if they got them.

So, obviously, those games are packed into the weekends. They play 13 three-in-threes, which is one more than last year and tied for third-most in 11 seasons. There are 11 other back-to-backs. But that said, there are obviously no more four-in-fives.

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Also today: Joe Franke, former BST equipment manager, is going back to Fort Wayne.

Michael Fornabaio