Joking about hurricanes

Apparently any good northern hurricane should remind you of a song.

As long as it’s not this one

Stuff to read and watch:

Our coverage

–The National Hurricane Center

The Weather Channel (and on Twitter)

–Feeling nostalgic? The NOAA has historical tracks and data. Like this one. Not applicable, one hopes. This one sure wasn’t great, but better than some possibilities.

We are also reminded of the Honeymooners — footage not found, so I’m going from memory — in which Ralph proudly notes the name of his bowling team, the Hurrycanes. You know what a Hurrycane is, Alice? Yes, Alice replies, a big bag of wind.

Let’s hope that’s all this is.

But it doesn’t look like it.

Be safe.


A nice interview with Swedish referee Marcus Vinnerborg.

And RIP, Mike Flanagan.

Michael Fornabaio