Wild about Harri

“Of course, the result is disappointing,” Mikko Koskinen said. But he tipped his cap to the guy who was 178 feet away all night.

“I have to (give) credit to the other goalie,” Harri Sateri, Koskinen said. “He played really well.”

Did he ever.

Standing outside the room waiting for 10 minutes to pass, I counted seven pretty memorable scoring chances.

Ullstrom, right off the hop, sneaking in behind the defense.

Colliton, on a partial break up the right wing (the first time).

Wallace on the two-on-one with Cizikas.

Wallace on a clean breakaway.

And that’s the first period.

Ullstrom and Marcinko in tight five minutes into the third.

McNeely’s steal, to Backman alone in front.

DiBenedetto taking the hit from Sullivan to give it ahead to Cizikas.

And that’s not counting some of the other 20-something saves he made, some of which looked pretty tough, including a Ness shot through a screen just before the regulation buzzer.

Brent Thompson and Jeremy Colliton, for two at least, weren’t having any moral-victory consolation. (Colliton had a pretty good line about that, actually, which is in the gamer.)


“I felt pretty good,” Koskinen said. “I think it helped that I played last week for a while. It wasn’t, like, that hard getting in there.” He had some good saves among his 28.

Jamie notes that this was Ty Wishart’s first goal as a Sound Tiger. He had 12 assists in 27 games over two seasons.

As we chase meteorological history tomorrow, game on as scheduled.

Lost Internet for a while, and was going to give props on Twitter to Leni DiCostanzo and Worcester’s trainer. At one point after the first-period fight, Leni had Oleksy’s sweater in the room to clean blood off it, and Cam MacIntyre had gone inside for repairs. Both the sweater and MacIntyre were back in the box with a minute left in the majors.

Hey, kids and Halloween.


Goalie fight! (And yep, it’s Little Mac!)


A great Mike Vaccaro column on Game 6. Tip of cap to the Cardinals, World Champions again.

And RIP, Joey Ciancola, a standout on two Amity state-championship hockey teams.

Michael Fornabaio