Don't break the scoreboard

This was so close to a six-point weekend. They got four. They could’ve had more; they could’ve denied Manchester any, really, though instead the Monarchs come away with four.

They allowed a few too many odd-man rushes today, surrendered two leads, then came back from a deficit of their own. They got caught puck-staring on the winner after Aaron Ness blocked Kolomatis’ first try, and the weekend was over.

Not that Manchester took the game over or anything, but I wondered if the three-in-three against a team stuck on back-to-back was an issue, whether mentally or whatever. (They did OK against Hershey the last time they were less-rested on Sunday.) Reaction ranged from well-I-felt-pretty-good to no-excuses-darn-it.

“Three in threes are part of this league,” Tim Wallace said. “We’ve got a lot of young guys. They’re probably adjusting to it. It’s not easy. It’s a grind. You’ve got to battle through.”

The Monarchs got two in the third, on a three-on-two, then on a play where the Sound Tigers couldn’t get it out of the neutral zone, and all of a sudden Vey is wide open.

They tied it and got a fourth point out of the weekend. That was all.


Brent Thompson said he expected both Trevor Gillies and Trevor Frischmon to be OK in time to play next week.

Nice to see former Islanders scout Toby O’Brien in town this weekend.

Howes continues to produce. Nice move to score his goal. Seconds later, Tomas Marcinko hits a post, and if they catch a smidgen of luck there and go up 3-0, who knows?

It’s an impressive day when you shatter a pane of glass and break a piece of the scoreboard with a deflected puck (the one behind the Bridgeport goal, between the flags; a hunk fell off into the suite below). It’s all the more impressive when it happens in one period.

David Ullstrom in town on his day off to watch the boys.

Speaking of, day off here tomorrow. More Tuesday, most likely.

Michael Fornabaio