Just 10 more weeks

Oklahoma City honored Matt Donovan on Tuesday. The best part was of course the chirping on Twitter A neat honor for the first born-‘n’-trained Oklahoman to make the NHL.

The Isles signed Griffin Reinhart to his entry-level deal. This year’s first-round pick makes 42 contracts, including him and Ryan Strome, neither of whom would count if they were sent back to junior before playing 10 NHL games (assuming there are 10 NHL games).

Nice story from Gwinnett on onetime Sound Tiger Paul Flache, who has retired to begin a training business. Bridgeport teammate Justin Papineau (via Elite Prospects) has also retired due to some nasty injuries.

RIP, Dr. Ken Dressler, one of Bridgeport’s team doctors.

Fencing Scandal! (H/T: Kathy Zucker.) This is probably about the only way you’d need a tenths-of-a-second clock in fencing, but like I said on Twitter, I’d love to see a tenths-of-a-second clock on this one. Within the bounds of human error, you never know how the clock is being started and stopped, either. At one point I think it started about a second late.

And RIP, Joe Walsh, Gore Vidal, Lupe Ontiveros and John Keegan.

Michael Fornabaio