Late notes

Hey, the blog’s back! Or at least it looks like it in IE9. Thanks for your patience, both you who had problems, and you who put up with me complaining about problems. If it’s still problematic for you, let me know.

While most of the Sound Tigers practiced on the original rink at Wonderland this morning, one, in the “Argentina*” light blue, skated on the new rink by himself with a coach and a trainer keeping watch.

“We just had to adjust his personal itinerary,” Scott Pellerin said.

Uh-huh. Pellerin wouldn’t say if Jason Clark had frequent “itinerary” problems, or if this was a one-time lateness thing. He said he’d prefer to keep it in-house beyond that.

The guy whose Argentina jersey Clark has been borrowing, Casey Cizikas, was back on the ice (in a red jersey, though he appeared to be taking contact) after one day off. He usually filled his regular spot with Nino Niederreiter and Colin McDonald. Otherwise, same as yesterday, all hands on deck, with Brett Gallant and Mike Halmo switched from their spots last weekend.

Talked to Steve Valiquette a little today about making the transition from goalie to goalie coach. Story in Saturday’s paper, most likely.

Here’s Jonathan Bombulie’s update from the Penguins’ practice. Sounds like Dylan Reese is on target to be available. I had missed that Tom Venesky has a blog. (Though it doesn’t appear to have an RSS feed.)

Elsewhere, Kael Mouillierat was first star last night for Idaho despite a teammate’s scoring four goals. If that’s a legit decision and not a “well, winning shootout goal” decision, nice job.

*-M. Haley

Michael Fornabaio