One to four losses

Calvin de Haan’s out for the year. Anders Nilsson, nothing new on him. And now Kirill Kabanov and Nathan McIver get hurt in this clinker for Bridgeport.

They weren’t sharing details on Kabanov, beyond a cut to the wrist, immediately after the game, but the simple fact that they flagged down the referee to blow the whistle and get him the heck to the room is a red flag. The team went on to Springfield, but he stayed behind for treatment at a local hospital.

Kevin Schultz again has video: Around 10 seconds in Kabanov is down in the corner, and his arms are on the ice, and Nick Petrecki (who was a wrecking ball early) is in there, and around 12 seconds, right before they switch cameras, it looks like Kabanov turns back toward the boards to look at his wrist.

It’s a whole lot of circumstantial stuff that seems to point in a direction, but there’s nothing firm at the moment.

McIver’s fight with Frazer McLaren never seemed to really get going, but apparently he took a punch to the face; he was kept out for the third period.

All that after a rough start that turned into a little better second half of the first period. They put a good start of a shift together to start the second, and then the Sharks sent four men up-ice, scored and never sat back again.

“In the first period, looking at chances, they had six rush attacks and one play down low,” Scott Pellerin said. “We weren’t making the right reads.”

The line of John McCarthy, Tim Kennedy and Bracken Kearns seemed to be doing a lot of the attacking, buzzing, getting pucks deep. They were in on the first two goals.

“We have to stop them. They’re playing well, and when we’re up against them, that’s our job,” said Casey Cizikas, who raised his hand to take blame for the first Worcester goal. “I pride myself in my defensive game, and tonight, it wasn’t there.”

“We’ve got two more games this weekend,” Cizikas added. “We can’t dwell on this one.”


Was a lot of Watkins-Cizikas-McDonald and DeFazio-Nelson-Niederreiter after the Kabanov injury. In the third, that resolved back to Niederreiter-Cizikas-McDonald and DeFazio-Nelson-Watkins, with less Gallant and Riley at even strength.

Prescout. The Falcons are 4-1.

Fascinating box score. Chris Brown and Ryan Hersey combine for as many penalty shots (one for each of Albany and Adirondack, and both successful) as they do minors (two, both for Albany). The Devils win 5-1.

The league announced next Sunday’s game against Wilkes-Barre will be on Sirius 207 and XM 92. Large assortment of other games on there, if you’re a subscriber (or even if you’re not).

Simsbury’s Tommy Cross scored his first professional goal for South Carolina. And then he scored another. (Tyler McNeely has four.)

And RIP, Emanuel Steward, Jacques Barzun and Norwalk’s Charlie Mitchell.

Michael Fornabaio