“You oughta quit this scene, too”

Um, yeah, so there’s that.

The team rushed home after this one to get themselves prepared and then get themselves, families and pets out of town. It was breezy and drizzly when I pulled myself into home, well north of Bridgeport; calm before the well you know.

Not sure how much more I’ve got on this one than the gamer. Matt Watkins sums it up pretty well. Awful start. They showed up. It was a pretty good game after that. Just not good enough for Bridgeport. Scott Pellerin said the impending evacuation may have been a bit of a distraction. You can understand.

Just kind of funny. Worcester obviously went into Friday desperate, played like it and won. The Sharks came into today off an ugly loss yesterday, came back with a purpose and won. Take away Friday and Sunday, and Worcester is 0-4-0-1, outscored 23-10 with the clock running, and Bridgeport is 4-0, outscoring opponents 15-10.


See the gamer for Reiter’s view of the first goal. The others, it’s rather hard to fault him. I thought he settled in well. “Obviously the speed, the plays develop a lot faster at this level,” he said. “I felt pretty good. I need to clean it up a bit.”

There was some line mixing and matching in the last 30 minutes or so, some of it because of penalties, some because of their aftermath, some because the bench was shortened occasionally. A Watkins-Cizikas-McDonald line was intriguing. (And productive, as it turned out.)

Prescout. Actually Bridgeport’s next two opponents. Hershey will be in Springfield on Friday while the Sound Tigers stay home and wait. The Penguins, meanwhile, will be in Manchester on Friday, then probably watch Bridgeport-Hershey the next night.


Love me tonight, I may never see you again

(You know, given my friends, I’m stunned I’ve heard more “Grease” than that the past few days.)

As noted at the bottom of the pregame post, the chat is very much up in the air right now. There are lots of variables. I’ll probably tweet a go/no-go at some point, and if it’s “go” it might just be on this post, but that’ll still be subject to change depending on Tuesday conditions. We’ll see.

Be safe.

Michael Fornabaio