Kinda behind the game here for assorted reasons — heck, I think I’ve been pretty much behind since the hurricane — so a little hit-and-run with links accumulated:

Casey Cizikas got the red jersey off this morning (and he enjoyed that); Ty Wishart, returning from his maintenance day, got it instead, though that may just be a one-day thing. Their minicamp continued with another hour-and-a-half practice, followed by meetings and some, um, video work. The kind that should eventually appear on the scoreboard at the arena.

Missed over the weekend that Mark Parrish made it official. (Hat tip, ultimately, to Puck Daddy.)

Big change in local high school football. Twelve of tonight’s 16 state quarterfinals, meanwhile, are off. Guess who’s got one of the four! (Hence, partly, the “behind.”)

And RIP, Marvin Miller.

Michael Fornabaio