Trivia 2012

We sent in a couple of questions a few weeks ago for the paper’s annual Trivia Quiz.

–The Sound Tigers got their fourth coach in three seasons this summer after last season’s boss got a promotion to the NHL. Who’s the new guy?

  • Jack Capuano replaced Eric Cairns
  • Scott Pellerin replaced Brent Thompson
  • Howard Saffan replaced Howard Baldwin
  • Eric Boguniecki replaced Bernie Cassell

–The Sound Tigers named Wethersfield’s Colin McDonald captain earlier this month. Of Bridgeport’s eight captains, he’s the second who was born in New Haven. Who was the first?

  • Alan Letang
  • Ed Campbell
  • Kevin Colley
  • Jeremy Colliton

(That second one’s kinda wild, isn’t it? Anyway.)

These were rejected*:

Edit: The answers are now up.

(1) Which forward was called off the ice at Webster Bank Arena just after noon Feb. 23 and informed that Tampa Bay had claimed him off waivers?

(2) Bridgeport’s season ended in playoff overtime for the third time. Name the three players whose goals have ended Sound Tigers seasons in sudden death.

(3) All of the following players wore an ‘A’ for Bridgeport this calendar year. Which one didn’t wear it for the first time in 2012?

 (a) Sean Backman
 (b) Jon Landry
 (c) Steve Oleksy
 (d) Ty Wishart

(4) You know the five pro-tryout players who stuck around, who earned AHL deals, who helped turn last season from a near-disaster to a division title. Which one was the only one to make his Bridgeport debut in 2012?

 (a) Scott Howes
 (b) Jon Landry
 (c) Kael Mouillierat
 (d) Steve Oleksy
 (e) Blair Riley

(5) Mark Wotton made his retirement official this year. He served as captain for every single one of his 368 games here. No one else has worn the ‘C’ for more than a season. In fact, Colin McDonald was named captain this month, and he’s already not last on the list of longest-tenured captains.

 (5a) Put the eight captains — Alan Letang, Keith Aldridge, Richard Seeley, Ed Campbell, Kevin Colley, Wotton, Jeremy Colliton, McDonald — in order of games-played-with-the-‘C’.

 (5b) When Wotton didn’t dress, only one player was listed as Bridgeport’s captain on a lineup sheet while Wotton was here, though he didn’t actually wear the letter. (That became a trend, not to mention a running blog gag.) Who’s that?

(6) There haven’t been a lot of PTOs in this, Bridgeport’s second lockout year. Part of that is because Bridgeport began the season with a 27-man roster, including Kenny Reiter. But anyway. Five men have signed PTOs. We’ll deal with their sweater numbers. Because that’s how we roll around here.

 (6a) Blair Riley wore No. 5 last season. It didn’t take. Jack Combs took it over on Dec. 17. Which past Bridgeport defenseman took a regular shift at forward wearing 5 in several games, earning perhaps a technical share of a Bridgeport regular-season record for lowest forward’s number?

 (6b) Yeah, and then right after that Scott Campbell showed up from Las Vegas wearing No. 4. That obviously belonged to Mark Wotton for five years. Name the other four men to wear it for Bridgeport.

 (6c) Who’s the only forward to wear a lower number for Bridgeport in a game that counted? (He only wore it in the playoffs.)

 (6d) We noted, when Combs and Chad Costello signed, that Costello became the first Sound Tiger to wear 18 after 247 games of Micheal Haley. But we noted as well that Haley’s tenure in 18 was technically interrupted by Jesse Joensuu’s ATO stint. Fine: Before Haley played his first Bridgeport game that snowy night that will live in infamy in Springfield, who was the last Sound Tiger to wear 18?

 (6e) Jordan Hill is the ninth man to wear No. 25, and the fifth defenseman to wear it. Funny enough, no Sound Tiger wore it until 2005-06, making it the last under-30 number to be assigned for the first time. Who was the first Sound Tiger to wear it?

 (6f) Dallas Jackson returned on Saturday, wearing a No. 2 that’s much more defenseman-appropriate than the No. 37 he wore last year. (Of course 2 was still theoretically the property of someone else at that point.) Who has played the most Sound Tigers games wearing No. 2?

 (6g) I make that crack about No. 37, but it has the (ahem) distinction of being one of seven numbers to be worn by goalies, defensemen and forwards for the Sound Tigers. And a bunch of each have worn 37. There is one uniform number that has been worn by only one forward, one defenseman and one goaltender (in that order). Name it.

 (6h) One of the numbers involved in this question matches the number of different PTO players Bridgeport had signed through New Year’s Eve of its first lockout year. How many?

 (6i) One of the other numbers involved in this question matches the total number of different PTO and ATO players Bridgeport signed in its first lockout year. How many?

(7) The Haley thing got us wondering. Mark Wotton obviously wore 4 every game he played here, and he wore the sweater for more games than anyone else. So…

 (7a) Aside from Wotton, who has the Sound Tigers record for most games wearing one number?

 (7b) Among Sound Tigers who wore more than one number, who has the record for most games in one of those numbers?

 (7c) Only one man has actually worn five different numbers in a game for Bridgeport. (Graham Belak wore five but only actually got off the bench in three.) Remember him?

 (7d) Justin Mapletoft and Tomas Marcinko are both in Bridgeport’s top 10 in games played. Both wore more than one number along the way. Both wore a number in the 60s for one season; they’re the only two Sound Tigers to wear 60-something. What easily‘d dumb coincidence do they share for the season in which they wore those 60-somethings?

(8) There’s only one team against which Bridgeport won every game it played in 2012. Name it.

 (8a) There’s one other team against which Bridgeport had only wins and shootout losses, not regulation losses, in 2012. Name it.

(9) Match the 2011-12 Sound Tiger to his current team.

Name   Current
(a) Justin DiBenedetto          (1) HV71
(b) Trevor Frischmon         (2) EC Salzburg
(c) Scott Howes         (3) Vienna Capitals
(d) Mark Katic         (4) Graz 99ers
(e) Kael Mouillierat         (5) Allen Americans 
(f) Steve Oleksy         (6) Charlotte Checkers
(g) Rhett Rakhshani         (7) Hershey Bears
(h) Tony Romano         (8) Eisbaren Berlin
(i) Tim Wallace         (9) St. John’s IceCaps

(10) Oh, sure, why not, here it is again: the annual calendar-year scoring question.

 (10a) Who, barring a record-tying performance Monday, will lead the Sound Tigers in scoring in 2012?

 (10b) This one’s a little more subject to change, so: Who leads the team in goals in 2012, going into Monday?

(11) Under the current points system, this was Bridgeport’s best calendar year ever, by percentage, regardless of what happens Monday. (Shootouts counting as ties and OTLs counting as losses, they’ll still need a win or tie Monday to make it their best in “real” terms, as we treat them ’round here.) Think we’ve asked this before, but: Which was Bridgeport’s best calendar year, by percentage?

I’ll hold comments for a couple of days. Have fun. (At least try to have fun.)

*-Not really.

Michael Fornabaio