Midweek, no game (edit: Jackson signs)

Edit: Strike the last PTO from the list. His 25 games were scheduled to be up Sunday, but Dallas Jackson has signed an AHL SPC for the rest of the year, according to the AHL’s transactions.

Got a few minutes with Rick DiPietro this afternoon; story online at some point. He and Kenny Reiter stayed after with Steve Valiquette to do some video.

No Ty Wishart today; day off after he blocked a shot over the weekend and the spot flared up yesterday. No Brett Gallant; didn’t get any kind of official word today. No Max MacKay, either. To be seen if they’d bring in an extra forward in reserve, but they do have extra defensemen, one of whom has already skated a few shifts up front this year in a pinch.

Johan Sundstrom skated again before practice; skated hard, Scott Pellerin said. Pellerin didn’t have the report, but a couple of days like that is a good start.

Otherwise, looked a lot today like it did yesterday. They’ve got another practice day tomorrow before the weekend’s three-in-three. (All these three-in-threes, with no weekday games because of the four-in-fives — a weird feeling. It’ll get slightly weirder next week and beyond, Wednesday-Friday-um-Tuesday?)

And RIP, Van Cliburn.

Michael Fornabaio