Day 2: Tweaks

“R: Lemelin, Luxmore. L: Briggs, Wahl.” –(tentative) partial blogposts from Oct. 5.

Arrived to these forward lines:

Chris Bruton and Anders Lee were over at the Coliseum, while Johan Sundstrom came back here. That left 11 forwards and 11 defensemen. Mike Keenan got the call today to play up front, just to keep things a little more even. Scott Pellerin said someone else will do it tomorrow if necessary.

“I’d really never done it before,” Keenan said. “I’ll do what I can, play the position well, keep it simple.”

Coincidentally, after only a few minutes of practice, Radek Martinek went inside with what Scott Pellerin said was more precautionary than anything, something mild (but he didn’t disclose what). That left nine defensemen, so they were back to mixing and matching.

Things progress, though. Have heard a lot of talk the past two days about talking, communication, as Pellerin talked about yesterday.

The second group, same as it was yesterday, is on right now. We’re back home for the rest of the week, but then hopefully not long after they’ll be up there, too.

Michael Fornabaio