Heavy penalties: Manchester postgame

The parade to the box was consistent. Maybe some were overzealous; regardless, it’s not like Tim Mayer put the whistle away later, and hey, consistency’s great. (In fact, I thought he was calling something at the buzzer; it’s not on the sheet.)

You’ve just got to take advantage at some point. Bridgeport didn’t let Manchester, but Bridgeport had more chances and didn’t score, either.

“Everybody’s still trying to find what works,” Pellerin said. One tweak was Alan Quine at the point; looked pretty smooth there in the first. Another, in different circumstances: using Joe Finley at the front of the net on a six-on-four late.

They needed to get to more second chances. They needed to bury some of those first ones and the second ones they got to. (Martin Jones wasn’t a slouch, either.)

“I thought the guys competed hard, 38 shots,” Pellerin said. “We need to play a more disciplined game. The refs are going to call a lot of stick fouls.”

Yup. Mayer got Riley Wetmore twice, including a hook with 2:09 to go; got John Persson twice in the third period, once for holding the stick and later for a slash that turned into the pivotal four-on-four (albeit defending against a two-on-one); got season-debuting Marc Cantin twice.

“It’s the same thing as the first game. We just took too many penalties,” Wetmore said.


Not sure the plus/minus is correct on that second Manchester goal as I write. It’s kind of germane because Pellerin wasn’t thrilled with whoever broke down in coverage and let Manchester come out just about four-on-two. Third man Pearson is the guy who scored the goal.

Quine said he’d played the point a bit in junior. “I’d switch back and forth, forward to D,” he said. “I like to have the puck, to see everything. It’s great that the coaches are giving me an opportunity.”

Cantin was out so often against Linden Vey’s line in the first 30 minutes that I had to ask if it was intentional. Apparently not; coincidence of timing and situations, reportedly.

Prescout. #secondaryaltercations First goal of the year for Jonathan (no Audy- anymore) Marchessault. Can he still be JAM on Twitter? I think we’ve got to go that way. Three points, ho hum, for Tim Erixon after he got sent down.

Kirill Kabanov made a good first on-ice impression to Stockton coach Rich Kromm.

Tim Leone on Matt Watkins.

I miss the heck out of Old TweetDeck on game nights. (My computer’s slow anyway but it’s hard to keep up.) Sure I’m missing stuff. Hopefully I find it at home at 2 a.m.

Had managed to get through the summer without hearing “Blurred Lines.” Now that I have: What’s wrong with people?


And I missed half of Henry V on Friday while following Sacred Heart (I think I got there within five lines of “We band of brothers”), so I’m glad to discover the four plays are being streamed on Ch. 13’s website. (Even gladder because I’d missed Richard II.)

(Dissing the Song of the Summer; promoting Shakespeare. I don’t know who I am anymore.)

Springy tomorrow.

Michael Fornabaio