A day’s work

So they worked. They skated at the Wonderland of Ice. Awhile. Started on one sheet; went to the other. (That’s not that unusual here, but they gave both sheets a beating.) They do skating drills with coaches calling out “first period,” “second period,” “third period.” Naturally, today there was overtime.

“They’re going to put in a good day of work,” Scott Pellerin said. “We had a conditioning, battle practice today. We’re going to have lunch, we’re going to come back for a video session, we’re going to do some work around the locker room and take care of our space, and then we’re going to go for dinner.”

Lucky Marc Cantin returned to that from his lower-body injury. “He looked good. He battled through a lot for his first day,” Pellerin said. The weekend’s other injured players remained out except for Chris Bruton, who skated with them again in red (no-contact), and Sean Escobedo, who took the full practice. Pellerin said Andrey Pedan and John Persson are still out indefinitely, as is Mike Dalhuisen. Justin Johnson practiced with the defensemen again. Sean Wiles, though, limped off about halfway through practice. Presume we’ll know more about that tomorrow.

Jon Sim had a maintenance day on an upper-body issue; Calvin de Haan, who had time off last week to deal with lower-body “tightness,” wasn’t on for the same reason today.

No real set lines in any of those drills.

Parker Milner’s in town (I was curious: Sacramento to SFO to JFK); story on the opportunities presented to him and to Kenny Reiter in tomorrow’s paper.

I know I had a few links to share, but they’re on the other computer. Maybe a second post tonight, or maybe save them for tomorrow. We’ll see.

Michael Fornabaio