Trivia answers ’13 (though now it’s ’14)

Hope you guys at least enjoyed these at home. If you haven’t given them a try, try them now, or forever hold your peace, ’cause here are the answers:

(1) Which of those didn’t happen on Feb. 22?

B: That was the day DiPietro was placed on waivers, not the day he was sent down. And seriously, I wrote the bulk of the top of that post early that morning.

(2) The day NHL camps opened after the Second Lockout To End All Lockouts, Jan. 13, where did Bridgeport play?

C: And since Atlantic City always yields a Bruce Springsteen lyric here, they were lookin’ for a job, but it’s hard to find. The scrimmage was later that week.

(3) Where was Chad Costello closest to the NHL?

As I went by Google Maps and checked again Friday night (different timing and the direction of the route will change your number, but not enough to change the order): b (26, St. Charles to Scottrade), d (35, Ontario to Honda), e (50, Colorado to Pepsi), a (61, Bridgeport to MSG — about 68 to Nassau, and if you count the distance on the Sound, not sure the ferry helps you), c (91, Arizona to

This site calculates as the crow flies and would swap E (48.5) and A (37.6 to Nassau, but you need a boat of your own to come close to doing that). It’d also say Chad Costello was no further than 73.2 miles from the NHL.

(4) What was the score of each of the last six games in which the Sound Tigers were shut out at AHY Webster Bank Arena? 3-0. That almost-consecutive-shutout game on Oct. 13 actually ended 3-1, too.

(5) Who scored the most points for Bridgeport in calendar-year 2013? Matt Donovan, 12-35-47 in 61 games. But Ryan Strome was 11-29-40 in 33.

(6) Who scored the most goals for Bridgeport in 2013? Mike Halmo, 16.

(7) Which goalie earned the most wins in 2013? Rick DiPietro, 9-9-0 in 18 games. Kenny Reiter was 7-9-4 in 25, Anders Nilsson was 6-15-1 in 23, Kevin Poulin was 5-9-1 in 15 and Parker Milner was 1-2-0 in four.

(8) Which Islanders draft pick was an occasional goalie for the Bentley Generals? B, Jase Weslosky. One story we read said he’s a paramedic in Edmonton now. True story: He’s still on the Islanders’ reserve list.

(9) The player the Islanders sort-of acquired for Mark Streit? Shane Harper.

(10) Match last year’s player to his current team:

1e (Ullstrom/Prague), 2d (DeFazio/Utica), 3f (MacKay/Wheeling), 4c (Hill/St. John’s), 5a (Campbell/Providence), 6g (Watkins/Hershey), 7b (Wishart/Schwenninger).

Hope it was fun.

Michael Fornabaio