Trivia Time 2013

OK, so last year got a little esoteric. Let’s see if we can pull this thing back a little this year.

The paper does an annual trivia contest about local news every year, and every year I try to send a couple of questions in. One was about softball. There was, though, a Sound Tigers question therein. You may care more. (No, it wasn’t Anders Nilsson. I like the way they did that, though.)

You guys get the harder ones, though hopefully less hard than in past years. Edit: The answers are now here.

(1) Which of these didn’t happen on Feb. 22?
(a) Matt Watkins was named captain
(b) Rick DiPietro was assigned to Bridgeport
(c) Brett Gallant suffered a season-ending injury
(d) Bridgeport racked up 149 penalty minutes
(e) I wrote a post about how eventful Feb. 22s were… before all the other things happened

(2) The day NHL camps opened after the Second Lockout To End All Lockouts, Jan. 13, where did Bridgeport play?
(a) Albany
(b) Nassau Coliseum, a scrimmage
(c) Atlantic City, N.J.
(d) Bridgeport

(3) Chad Costello’s special-teams performance in a scrimmage against the Islanders helped convince him he could play in the NHL. Well, grant him this: He’s been under contract to five teams this year, and none of them plays in an arena that’s more than 91 miles (as the Google Maps flies) from an NHL arena. Rank them in order, closest to furthest (by roads; no ferries allowed), from the nearest NHL barn.
(a) Bridgeport Sound Tigers
(b) St. Charles Chill, Central Hockey League
(c) Arizona Sundogs, Central Hockey League
(d) Ontario Reign, ECHL
(e) Colorado Eagles, Central Hockey League

(4) When we mentioned on Twitter in April that Bridgeport hadn’t been shut out at home in a couple of years, we were reminded that, um, yeah, it was, twice in the 2012 playoffs. Good point. (Those folks weren’t there to remind us of that in October, when we pointed out that Bridgeport has never been shut out in back-to-back home games. Um, yeah. Anyway.) The Sound Tigers have been shut out in four of the past 22 home games, actually, since that April night (when I, I mean we, tweeted that from Pittsburgh, but anyway). By ridiculous coincidence, including those two playoff games, what was the score of each of the last six games in which the Sound Tigers were shut out at AHY Webster Bank Arena?

(5) Former Islander Nino Niederreiter had 19 points for Bridgeport in 2013. That’s coincidentally, at least going into Tuesday, also how many he has for Minnesota in 2013. Anyway. He was Bridgeport’s leading scorer for the first half of 2012-13, but it didn’t end that way. Who scored the most points for Bridgeport in calendar-year 2013?

(6) Assuming nothing crazy happens Tuesday night, who scored the most goals for Bridgeport in 2013?

(7) Five goalies played for Bridgeport this year. He didn’t play the most games here, but who earned the most wins in 2013?

(8) Jeremy Colliton, Trent Hunter and Travis Brigley won the Allan Cup, Canada’s senior amateur championship, with the Bentley Generals. Which Islanders draft pick was an occasional goalie for the Generals?
(a) Cody Rosen
(b) Jase Weslosky
(c) Dusan Salficky
(d) Andy Chiodo

(9) The Islanders traded the rights to Mark Streit to Philadelphia for a draft pick, as well as the technical rights to a player to give the Flyers room under the 50-contracts rule. (He was the subhead in the Islanders’ press release; the draft pick got the headline.) Remember his name?

(10) Match last year’s player to his current team:

(1) David Ullstrom (a) Providence Bruins
(2) Brandon DeFazio (b) Schwenninger Wild Wings
(3) Max MacKay (c) St. John’s IceCaps
(4) Jordan Hill (d) Utica Comets
(5) Scott Campbell (e) Lev Praha
(6) Matt Watkins (f) Wheeling Nailers
(7) Ty Wishart (g) Hershey Bears

Please, have fun. We’ll hold comments for a day or two and post answers in a few days.

Michael Fornabaio