Pedan to Stockton

Andrey Pedan is cleared to play. He’ll do enough of that the next week with Stockton: The Islanders have reassigned him to the Thunder.

The ECHL’s revamped schedule after the demise of the San Francisco Bulls keeps the Thunder in Alaska for the next week; they play the Aces Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. It’s plenty of opportunity to get Pedan back in game shape, especially since the Sound Tigers will go away for the all-star break after Sunday’s game. If he returns right after the Alaska trip, Pedan could be back around the same time as the rest of them.

His Stockton debut will be his first game since Veterans Day.

“He’s been out a long time,” Scott Pellerin said. “We’re looking at (two) games this weekend and then the all-star break. He’s ready. He’s going to get to play games. … It’s going to be great for his development, for his confidence.

“He can’t afford to be not playing right now.”

With that, Scooter Vaughan was back on defense today at Wonderland; they’ve got 13 forwards and six defensemen available at the moment, putting Vaughan with the defensemen. Not one player in red, either; feels like a long time since that’d happened. Ryan Strome, Johan Sundstrom: dressed in line-appropriate colors (the Argentina light-blue* for Strome, Swedish yellow for Sundstrom).

A couple of Olympic preview stories: Scott Ericson on Max Pacioretty, and Doug Bonjour on Jonathan Quick.

*-Columbia blue, don’t you know. Funny; reading that link, and now I’m trying to remember the old practice colors and pretty much drawing a blank. White… was there a different blue? Maybe an orange? Was there, like, a maroon, or is that in this set and just not in use? IIRC the defensemen wore black back in the day… Terrible. Drawing a blank.

Michael Fornabaio