First ATO: Tuesday notes

The first Bridgeport ATO — the first skater in the league this year, it appears — is Dmitry Antipin, listed as a left winger out of UMass Dartmouth. (He’s “Dimitry” in some places.) Joined a group that was otherwise the way we’d left it (except for the Halmo and Donovan recalls) at Wonderland six days ago. Some line tweaks for the moment, with Joey Martin centering Brett Gallant and Justin Johnson, with Antipin where Martin had been with Justin Mercier and Joey Diamond.

So with Antipin that’s 15 forwards, seven defensemen and two goalies. That could change, in an assortment of ways. For one, in the Big Club’s wacky win last night in Vancouver, Michael Grabner left with an upper-body injury. They were going to get him evaluated when they got home. If they need someone to replace him, they next play when Bridgeport next plays, Friday, beginning a four-game homestand.

Tomorrow is also the AHL trade deadline at 3 p.m. Plus, you know, it’s ATO season.

Eric Hornick pointed out that Johan Sundstrom has played with Sebastian Collberg. First time I’d seen him since the deal: “He’s a skilled forward,” Sundstrom said. “He’s got a quick release. He likes to play the big minutes as much opportunity as he gets. Like I said to the other guys, I’m happy he’s coming to us. He’s a really good hockey player. He wants to play here next season. … He’s definitely a goal-scorer. He’s fast. He likes to get in the dirty areas. I haven’t seen him for a while, but that’s pretty much it.”

Scott Pellerin said Chris Bruton was expected to ride the bike today and see how it went.

Robin Short reported this morning that Kael Mouillierat is out for the year after being injured Friday. Rough luck for a guy who was leading the team in scoring.

A whole bunch of tangential 2007-08 Bridgeport history in one short video from Sunday night: Jordan Nolan slugs Jesse Joensuu. Nolan got a game’s suspension on Monday.

Rich Peverley came off the ice and collapsed in Monday’s game at Dallas, needing defibrillation. Seems to be doing OK, but it was a petrifying few minutes, following along on Twitter and later seeing video.

And junior player Terry Trafford is missing.

Michael Fornabaio