Game 76/76: Hartford pregame

Last day of the year. Feels odd with Easter tomorrow, preceding the exit meetings Monday. Feels odd being on the road, for reasons mentioned earlier in the week. Last time around with this group. Last time to see some of them in these colors, or at least with that crest.

But it’s that time of year.

Joey Diamond (upper body) is out, and Matt Mangene is out, too, with Brant Harris playing in his alma mater’s planned eventual barn, and Chris Bruton in for the last game. Matt Donovan took warmup but appears to be scratched again. On to Minsk.

Hartford is wearing red sweaters with black numbers; from where I am, they’re borderline unreadable in that end. What follows is a rough estimate. Think they rushed seven defensemen, so I’ll just list ’em.

I know, focus needs to be better.

(Once more with feeling on the Bridgeport side: AHL SPC italicized, PTOs bolded, ATOs underlined)

F: VaughanLangkowHickman
Bruton-Crus RydbergHarris
Gallant (A)-Holmstrom-Johnson
D: Finley (A)-Graham
Ness (A)-Mayfield
G: Poulin

F: Bourque-Hrivik-Kristo
Powe (A)-Hensick-McCarthy
D: Johnson (C), McIlrath, Syvret (A), Allen, Hughes, Baker, Stamler
G: Grumet-Morris

R: D.Banfield. L: Colby, Briggs.

Michael Fornabaio