Inexact science ’14: Draft day/Thursday notes

And so it’s draft day, the day organizations stock their farm systems down the road. Of course, considering the moving pieces around the league, the renovations at Nassau Coliseum, the uncertainty almost everwhere in the AHL… Wonder whose draft picks we should really be following.

But there’s always the (Dusan Salficky) (Martin Chabada) (Steve Regier) (Chris Campoli) (Masi Marjamaki) (Luch Aquino) (Mikko Koskinen) (Anton Klementyev) (Alan Quine) (ATOs before the year is out) chance the Islanders will draft someone the next two days who’s eligible to step right into the Bridgeport lineup. They have nine picks. NBCSN has the first round Friday night at 7. Think that Hamden’s Mike Lee, a Vermont-bound defenseman who’s playing at the Gunnery, is about as local as Central Scouting (156) has gotten for us.

Via EliteProspects, David Ullstrom on a two-year deal in Russia, and if you were thinking of getting the Brent Thompson band back together, talentfuld offensivspiller Scott Howes to Denmark. Closer to home, talk of Lane Lambert joining Barry Trotz in Washington.

If you’ve been dreaming of buying the Glens Falls Civic Center, it’s your lucky day.

Stunning story about Gino Odjick, who may not have long. The Canucks put out a statement from him.

RIP, Eli Wallach, Caleb Bankston and Howard Baker.

And Pete Rose was nothing: The Bluefish are going to play the Brakettes in softball on July 14. Now that may be worth watching.

Michael Fornabaio