Off-day bits: Wednesday notes

Team got the day off today. Two further days of practice before Saturday’s trip to Albany, then Springfield in town Sunday (with the president across town).

Mike Russo says referee Dave Lewis broke his jaw last night in Boston. Fits right in with the Wild. Of course, who isn’t hurt in Boston right now? (Mark Divver says Drew MacKenzie of New Canaan could be next up to Providence.) Or in Columbus? (Speaking of, Scott Munroe was called back up to Springfield the other day.)

Notes on a few local high school coaching changes. It’s bad enough when pro players you’ve covered start coaching, but when high school kids you’ve covered start coaching, that means you’re really getting old, right? (Been going on awhile in some other sports, but I’ve been in denial.)

RIP, Germain Gagnon.

And we join the rest of the world: Be well, Gordie.

Michael Fornabaio