Poulin up/on McGrath and Gallants: WBS linkage

Patrick McGrath, called up to Wilkes-Barre from Wheeling last night, had this beauty of a tilt against Gallant earlier this month.

Sure, the Gallant was Alex, Brett’s younger brother and, briefly, McGrath’s junior teammate. But still.

If Brett Gallant draws back into Bridgeport’s lineup tonight, he’ll still be seven penalty minutes behind Eric Godard’s team record, same as he was when Bridgeport last left Wilkes-Barre. Brett Gallant has one more goal than he does penalty minutes in his past three games.

Not in Wilkes-Barre: Kevin Poulin. Not only did the Islanders in fact recall him this morning, but he’s also getting the start for the Big Club in Buffalo.

Also not in Wilkes-Barre: this one here. Gonna be watching UConn and the defending national champs in a sport where they’re not one and the same, but will try to drop some thoughts here eventually if possible. No Bridgeport radio, but you’re in the capable hands of Mike O’Brien (audio/pay-per-view). The box should be here (T.J. Luxmore in charge, with Bob Goodman and Matt McNulty), and the prescout of Worcester in Syracuse should be here. Follow Jonathan, Tom, Obie and Jason — assume you’ve already got Paul.

Michael Fornabaio