2015-16 schedule: Penguins in first, Bruins in to close

Schedule’s out. A couple of midweek home games, 5 p.m. starts on Sunday: There’s a new regime around here.

Rochester appears on the schedule for the first time since the opening season; Bridgeport will make its first trip there on Nov. 20 since the franchise’s first game.

There are 12 opponents, everyone in the Eastern Conference except Toronto Correction 1:30: And Binghamton. No Bingo.. Bridgeport plays the New England teams 10 times apiece and Albany eight.

More in a bit.

–I counted really fast — I know, journalism! — and got 11 three-in-threes and 13 other back-to-backs. I’ll try to double check that. That’d tie for the fewest three-in-threes (the (most recent) lockout year) since 2008-09. (And apologies for taking a while; learning a new computer system on the printy/webby side and it’s slow-going)

–So 10 against the New England teams; six against the Pennsylvania teams. Crossing over to the Greater Empire, there’s those eight against Albany, four against St. John’s, and two apiece against Utica, Syracuse and Rochester. (58 and 18 is — yeah, that’s it.)

–Three Saturdays off, including Halloween and both Saturday and Sunday on Easter weekend.

–What time do you guys prefer on Sundays? The theory always seemed to be that the business side would rather go as early in the afternoon as possible — get the kids home for dinner and school — while the hockey side wanted it later for recovery time, especially on a road trip.

–Hey, the brief I wrote showed up on the website. Small victories. I’ll take ’em.

Michael Fornabaio