Lineup to come: Wednesday notes

Brent Thompson wasn’t ready to firm up the lineup for tomorrow night’s exhibition game at Wonderland, but he said it’s going to be younger guys, AHL contracts, rookies. “It’s a chance to showcase themselves as they’re fighting for spots,” Thompson said. He did say Parker Milner will play in goal.

Whether to align with tomorrow’s lineup or not, Mike Halmo swapped groups today, skating with Alan Quine and James Wright. Scott Allen joined Tanner Fritz, Carter Verhaeghe and Danick Paquette. Of the AHL-contract/tryout types, that basically left just Jared Gomes on a line with NHL-contract guys, other than Verhaeghe.

These are typically only so interesting, but it seems to be a solid group of AHL/tryout guys, so it’ll be good to see how they come out in a game situation.

It’ll also be good to see how things work at Wonderland. The last AHL game there was 2003, before the second rink was built.

It’ll also be good to get back to the big barn. Supposedly some work done, including new boards finally.

Meanwhile: Rule book’s out. Will do the annual side-by-side ASAP.

Michael Fornabaio