Enough of this camp stuff: Friday notes

A very consistent set of lines and pairs this week. It sure seems like this is what they’ve got. Williams was in the “Bridgeport” net, but Gibson’s day was shorter today, so presumably tomorrow’s morning skate will break the Opening Night Starting Goalie Indicators tie. (Thompson wasn’t spilling.)

Five games tonight in the AHL, including the debut of the Pacific Division in Bakersfield and San Jose. WBS at Providence is a little closer, with the bonus that you can prescout a little if you’d like. (If you’d like to bring us back a stuffed pie from Sicilia’s, we’re also down with that. Just cheese. Will pay you back. Thanks.)

The AHL and PHPA have a new CBA. (Bridgeport doesn’t have a player rep yet, for what it’s worth. It’d been Brett Gallant, and they haven’t voted on a new one yet.)

Tom Nilsson landed with Robin Figren and Johan Sundstrom in Gothenburg.

Robbie Schremp’s officially back over here: signed with Portland.

And tough news from Philly: Logan Pyett was diagnosed with sarcoma in his left leg. You may remember him from Hartford three years ago; he’s with Lehigh Valley this year. (Happier Allentown news: Colin McDonald is captain, with Andrew MacDonald wearing an ‘A’.)

Michael Fornabaio