Three-in-four, the other day: Monday notes

Not everyone on today in the midst of a three-in-four, “more of a skills day today, get the guys out who want or need to get better at certain things,” Brent Thompson said. “A good practice.” If any lineup changes are coming tomorrow for Springfield, they weren’t tipped. Same forward-line colors.

Arthur Staple speculates on Twitter that Ryan Pulock, scratched again this afternoon, could come down this week to play for Bridgeport.

Josh Weissbock, whose AHL #fancystats work we talked about last year, has them up at, and OH NO HERE WE GO AGAIN HIGH PDO LOW FENWICK CLOSE WHAT THE. (IIRC Bridgeport’s Fenwick Close was lower after the first weekend last year than it is this year. But it’s early and whatnot. For what it’s worth, my rudimentary pluses/minuses Fenwick Close count, again by that tied in the third, within a goal earlier, has Bridgeport at 50 percent even overall after two whole games, 54.3 at even strength. But again, it’s early and whatnot.)

Michael Fornabaio