Berkshire Leaguing: Albany unliveblog

RIP, AHL Berkshire League. We miss you. Plus this Atlantic Division totally should’ve been called the East. Plus the North totally should’ve been the Empire Plus or something like that. Did you know St. John’s was once in the Western Conference despite being like halfway to Ireland? Man, did that aggravate people disproportionately. But I digress.

Will be otherwise occupied tonight — and no, I totally wish it was with Game 3, but it won’t be — so listen to Paul or Josh Heller at AHL Live, or pay there to watch the return of Joe Whitney. Follow Paul, Pete and the Devils among others.

The box should be here (R: C.Brown, South / L: Lemay, Nagy), and prescout, though the sorta-defending-but-not-really conference champs play tomorrow at Albany themselves.

First real Bridgeport game for referee Furman South, former Robert Morris player, who worked the preseason game at Wonderland.

Arthur Staple is not expecting a call-up immediately.

Mark Arcobello was sent to the Marlies after clearing waivers. Bummer for the much-traveled local boy.

If you’re missing Phil Giubileo, he’ll be filling in for the Comets’ Brendan Burke on Utica-Springfield on Nov. 13. The Sound Tigers are off, so you have no excuse (unless you’re at whatever football game I get sent to).

Sarah McLellan with a neat story on Max Domi and his service dog.

RIP, Grantland. Good luck to the folks in Philly.

Oh, and..

Michael Fornabaio