“Is it… is it Saturday?” – Wednesday notes

Sound Tigers didn’t skate today. As is traditional when that call is made late, I found out in the Wonderland parking lot.

(Frinkiac’s 7F09 archive seems off; can’t get the above Krusty line with the empty studio, nor even the “One person can make a difference, but most of the time, they probably shouldn’t” line. So for no reason, here’s Apu.)

More tomorrow, I guess, unless warranted.

Jason Chaimovitch debuted this season’s Playoff Primer this morning. If Bridgeport goes 21-2, it’s in.

Fun stuff in yesterday’s Chicago-Grand Rapids game; well, easy for me to say “fun,” as I wasn’t the one getting slugged in the head and having Cody Beach try to slam my head, as happened to former future Sound Tiger Robbie Russo after a hip check. Beach got a match penalty. (Longtime commenter Hank wrote in to point out that Jon McIsaac was one referee; funny because McIsaac has been one of the guys in charge for four of Bridgeport’s past seven match penalties.) Because Russo got a minor as well, and because under five minutes remained in regulation, it turned into a three-minute major: Three minutes on the board right away, since the Griffins couldn’t be assured the full power play. (Martin Frk scored quickly and the major rolled on.)

And then last night we got J.T. Miller’s match penalty for fighting and cutting Sergei Kalinin with tape on his hands. Hadn’t seen that one in a while.

Michael Fornabaio