Missouri reshuffle: Three down, one up (updated: Mayfield back)

The forwards are back to resembling normal, but the back end remains in a bit of flux, and Bridgeport’s post-weekend rearrangement sent Parker Milner, Josh Holmstrom and Tyler Barnes back to Missouri while Loic Leduc was called up.

The Leduc call gives Bridgeport eight defensemen for the moment, with Scott Mayfield and Ryan Pulock still up and Matt Carkner likely facing at least a one-game suspension for the late instigator yesterday. The Mavericks, again, start their playoff run Saturday. The Islanders start theirs Thursday.

Edit, 10:45 a.m.: Well, a little less flux. The Islanders sent Scott Maufield back this morning. Leaves Ryan Pulock and Christopher Gibson up.


RIP, Ed Snider, founder of the Flyers.

Michael Fornabaio