Rookie camped/World Cup at last

Dropped in on rookie camp this morning on the Island. Best shape of their lives, etc. Seriously, good to see some of the guys and the staff again. A couple of weeks until they show up here. Gathered a few quotes to use for a story Sunday, so look for that. The link to the Islanders’ site has the line combos, including an all-first-rounder unit. Stephon Williams took a couple or three shots up high right off the bat; one right off his collarbone, followed two seconds later by a ten-bell rebound stop that had the kid sitting behind his net cheering.

I’ve complained about the format and the location and all, but what the heck: The World Cup starts today, and hockey with high-level teams like this should be fun one way or the other. Schedule and TV schedule here, with the USA starting things off at 3:30.

And RIP, Edward AlbeeEdward Albee.

Michael Fornabaio