Welp, back to work: Weekend notes

Some vacations are better than others. This one, we’ll leave it alone. Stuff happens, yeah? Anyway.

Senators to Belleville will reportedly be announced Monday, leaving Binghamton in the market for a new team. (The P&SB also profiled Steve Stirling this past week, coincidentally leading with his stability in Binghamton.)

Vin Scully, man.

Soundin’ Off Book Club: The Riddle of the Labyrynth, by Margalit Fox. Tyler Cowen’s interview with her mentioned the book, and the description inspired me to go out immediately and find it. (Huntington Branch Library in Shelton will have it back soon.) If your idea of a fascinating story involves linguistics and statistics, you should rush, too. Even if it doesn’t, it’s worth the read, the detective story of the archaeologist who dug up thousands of inscrutable tablets, the architect who finally figured out what they said, and the little-known professor from Brooklyn in between them who built herself a system that let the architect do it after she died.

Speaking of the obits, disgusting week there. Heck, disgusting Sunday. RIP, Curtis Hanson, Richie Dunn, Walter Bush and Arnold Palmer.

And RIP, Jose Fernandez. Even 87 is too young for Arnold Palmer, but 24 for a kid like that… it’s intolerable.

Michael Fornabaio